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Know & Grow Business Valuation Steps

Learn more about the steps of our Know & Grow Business Valuation process:

Step 1: Together we will come to an agreement about the scope of the engagement.

Step 2: Homework is assigned to you, but don’t worry, it is easy! We will ask you to pull some documents to help complete the engagement. Examples of items needed are historical financial statements and tax returns, shareholder agreements and other documents.

Step 3: We will complete a detailed financial analysis for your business that includes trends and comparison to industry standards.

Step 4: Our team will come visit your business to analyze qualitative factors, review specific risks of your business and discuss the outlook for the future.

Step 5: We will submit a draft report to review with you in detail to ensure you understand everything and know what the next steps are.

Step 6: Together, we will discuss the opportunities available to increase your business value.

Step 7: And finally, we will submit the final report.  

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