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Additional Business Valuation Experience

The business valuation team at Rea & Associates offers experience from completing over 2,000 valuation engagements. Whether you’re looking to sell, buy or simply make well-informed strategic decisions, Tim McDaniel and his team will show you the true value and potential of your business.

We can help you find the value of your business and also understand the value in plain English. The team has a variety of experience in different industries and works with you to really understand your business. Our team does more than just review the numbers behind your business; they learn about your business objectives, visit your business, teach you how to understand the value and a develop a game plan to become more valuable.

Transaction-Related Valuations

Business Sale, Purchase or Merger

If you are buying, selling or merging a business, you want to make sure that you truly understand the value of that business. As a business owner or potential owner, selling your business for less than it is worth or paying too much if buying could lead to major consequences down the road. Ensure you are buying or selling the business for what it is worth and not what you think it is worth.

ESOP Establishment and Annual Valuations       

If you’re thinking about offering an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), you need a business valuation advisor to help you determine if an ESOP makes sense for your business. If you do decide to go with an ESOP, you’ll need to have a valuation done each year thereafter. Not only will the valuation help you determine if an ESOP would be good for your business, but we’ll also help get the plan started and provide ongoing valuations to keep you compliant.

Medical or Dental Practice Buy-Ins

Looking to add a doctor to your medical or dental practice? We can evaluate the doctor coming in to ensure the price you are paying is fair and accurate.

Tax and IRS-Related Valuations

Our valuation team has successfully prepared over 1,000 tax- and IRS-related valuations to assist with valuations for estates and gifts, C-Corp to S-Corp conversions, family limited partnerships and charitable giving of corporate stock.  

Valuation Mediation Services

In cases of matrimonial or shareholder/partnership disputes, we act as an independent third party to provide a valuation that both parties can rely on. This saves costs and time from having to hire two separate experts and the frustrations of a prolonged litigation.

Our Business Valuation Team 

Whether you have strategic opportunities or a specific event, let us help you obtain a customized valuation service to meet your specific needs. Please contact Tim McDaniel to learn how our business valuation services can benefit you.

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