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The Book: Know and Grow

Know & Grow Your Value Book

How much is your business worth? How much do you need it to be worth to support your retirement? If you don’t know your business’s value – its real value – your retirement may be in jeopardy. If you knew what your business was worth today, what would you do differently to increase its value and leave your business on your terms?

If you don’t know the current value of your business or what steps you can take to increase it, Know and Grow The Value of Your Business: An Owners Guide to Retiring Rich, is a great place to start. Through the pages of this book, author Tim McDaniel helps you realize that your business is an investment – an asset that needs to be regularly nurtured and protected. Know and Grow The Value of Your Business is designed to help you realize that you need to exit your business on your own terms.

It’s best when you develop a thorough plan detailing your exit. Before you can do that, you need to understand what your exit options are along with the pros and cons of each option. Tim provides you with exercises to help you figure this out. 

From succession planning to business valuations to exit strategies, this is a must-read for business owners who have businesses with $50 million or less in revenue. Tim has helped nearly 2,000 business owners with this very issue; he can help you, too.

You can purchase your copy of Know and Grow The Value of Your Business from Amazon. 

If you think your business needs a valuation, schedule a meeting with Tim or a member of the valuation team and get a copy of Know and Grow The Value of Your Business for FREE.

To learn more about this book and how it can help your business, check out this interview with Tim McDaniel and The National Ground Water Association. The interview starts at the 2:18 mark.

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