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Know and Grow: Business Valuations

Have you listened to Unsuitable?

In Mary Beth's recent episode of unsuitable, she talks about practice ownership and what aspiring owners should do to maximize their earning potential. Listen Now!

Are you treating your business like an investment?

Know and Grow is the business valuations division of Rea & Associates, Inc. We provide a business valuation service that teaches the business owner how to know and grow the value of their business ... in their terms.

We provide transaction-related valuations, tax- and IRS-related valuations, litigation support valuations, and business valuations to know and grow your business.

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    Success rarely just happens. In fact, it takes a lot of hard work, planning and direction from your management team. Furthermore, it requires company-wide dedication to a… read more

  2. Gifting a Return? Think Business Valuation

    Why You Should Follow IRS Regulations Closely Are you thinking about filing a gift tax return without first having a valuation performed on your business? You may want to… read more

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